Software Development

Have you ever purchased software from a box store or from a retailer online, installed it, and thought “this does not look like what was on the packaging…” or was it too hard to get it to do what you wanted? We have experience working with many different platforms where we can build custom software to do EXACTLY what you need. We can customize application workflows and UI’s of the application so you can get something that is efficient and simple for you and your employees to use.

Do you have a legacy application that is in need of some new functionality? If you already have a custom application, we may be able add in some new features if they are required. Looking to migrate to a new software package? Have you thought about what you are going to do with your current data? We can do the analysis to determine if we can import your existing data into a new application.

Kobel Systems also offers contract programming support. We have experience with both Windows and Linux operating systems, MySQL and SQL Server database platforms and the following languages: php, JavaScript, C#.