As a managed service provider, we offer IT management solutions, alleviating the burden from your shoulders. We handle backups, EDR software, operating system updates, and third-party software updates, all customized to your preferred schedules and needs.

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Managed Backups

Tailored backup solutions with personalized monitoring overseen by our team.

EDR Software

With evolving threats, conventional antivirus software falls short in providing comprehensive protection. EDR software elevates antivirus capabilities by actively monitoring behaviors rather than solely relying on static threat signatures and patterns.

Operating System Updates

Implementing the most recent operating system updates promptly is a crucial component of your security strategy. Let our service schedule the application of your OS updates and system reboots to ensure your safety without disrupting your workflow.

3rd Party Software Updates

From Chrome and Zoom to Acrobat and Office 365, our service ensures that your installed software receives the latest updates to maintain your security.

Custom requirements

Need assurance that Windows Remote Desktop is disabled? Or confirmation that no unauthorized user accounts have been added to your machine? We develop tailored monitoring scripts to safeguard the security and integrity of your environment.

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